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What is a Serviced Office?

A provider for Serviced Office is offering furnished and flexible office space with full service for a fixed monthly cost. Instead of long contracts as when renting an ordinary office, you will be offered short­ term contracts and the possibility to move in at short notice. Usually you will be charged per room or per workplace. In most serviced offices you will have access to meeting and conference rooms that you can book separately when needed.

What is included in the fixed monthly price when you rent a Serviced Office?

  • Fully furnished office rooms equipped with desks, chairs, lockers and armchairs
  • Reception service
  • Telephone and answering service13
  • Internet
  • Access to kitchen
  • Postal services
  • Address
  • Cleaning
  • Electricity, heating and water
  • Tax on real estate
  • Air conditioning
  • Copier and scanner
  • Doorplate
  • Daily newspapers
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to conference rooms
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Security measures
  • Insurance

Usually the most of the services mentioned are included in the fixed monthly price, but some providers charge for services separately on a monthly basis in addition to the fixed monthly rent.

What are the benefits of choosing Serviced Office Space?

It is convenient and easy to expand or decrease the office along with the companies needs and as the company grows. The flexibility and being able to control the business costs according to the current demand usually leads to significant cost savings when renting a Serviced office compared to renting a traditional office. You get fully equipped rooms and full service for a fixed monthly price. The provider of Serviced Offices are usually offering short lengths of their contracts, usually three months ongoing contract. The provider takes care of all practical and administrative matters around the office. That enables you to focus more on your own business. You also have the option to choose an attractive address that you might not would be able to afford if renting a traditional office.

For whom is a Serviced office suitable for?

Serviced offices are becoming more common and a more popular solution when it comes to choosing office spaces for all kinds of businesses with fewer than twenty employees. Many well-established companies realize the benefit of being flexible, mobile and able to quickly adapt to changes and therefore choosing a more flexible office space with many facilities and services included. It is also suitable for start­ups according to the low risk when choosing a serviced office space and it is easy to calculate the actual monthly cost. Right from the start, you can focus 100% on your own business. As you grow, you can amend to a larger offices in the same office space within a day.

What considerations should I make when choosing office space?

Start with your business needs and your budget. Make a list of requirements regarding what is important to you and your business. Suggested factors to consider are:

  • Needs for meeting and conference rooms
  • Central location
  • Range of service needed
  • Needs for answering service
  • If it is possible to increase or decrease the office.

Our recommendation is to use a search engine to compare various serviced offices. Search for Serviced Office and the city or area you wish to be situated at. Send requests to the providers that match your needs and requirements. Ask for details of what is included, availability, pricing and a floorplan to see what there is for future opportunities when it comes to expanding your office. Ask for a personal viewing of the premises. In order to compare different prices between different providers take an extra check what is included and what is in addition to the fixed monthly fee.

We hope that this guide was helpful for you. We have experience from serviced offices since 1990. Therefore we are delighted to be able to share with you our experience what to consider when choosing your office space, for whom office space suits and benefits of office space. We hope this information has facilitated for you to find a solution and an office solution that suits you and your business.